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Higher education benefits: the key to financial wellbeing.

You know us for student loan education, student loan refinancing, and employer contribution. Great news! We added 529 college savings—also with an employer contribution option—through the acquisition of LEAF, the leader in college savings employee benefits.

College savings made easy.

SoFi makes recurring employee contributions to 529 college savings plans easy. Advanced payroll and HR system integration fully automate administration. With SoFi you:

Give employees the ability to invest in 529 college savings plans via simple payroll deduction

Provide an employer contribution such as a percentage of what employees put into their 529 plans

Simplify administration and reporting through integration with payroll and optional SSO handoff

Monthly contributions, refinancing, and tools for success.

SoFi’s unique employee benefits—student loan contributions, refinancing, education, and now 529 college savings—offer an easy and comprehensive way to build financial wellness at your company. SoFi helps empower your employees to manage their student debt and fund current or future higher education expenses, regardless of their credit or income. Add SoFi to your benefits program.

Designed for today’s workforce

With student loan debt now reaching upward of $1.6 trillion in the U.S., the need for solutions that reach across your entire workforce has never been more urgent.

Fast, secure, and scalable setup

Straightforward payroll integration and a simple enrollment experience encrypt all data to keep information safe and entirely confidential. Our solutions scale as your company grows.

Made for recruitment and retention

Boost recruitment and reduce turnover by positioning your company as an innovative forward-thinker that’s invested in building financial wellbeing for your employees.

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Learn more about 529 college savings and the full suite of amazing employee benefits from SoFi at Work by contacting us today at partnership@sofi.com!

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